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ultimate bundle kit ultimate bundle kit
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Tired of using curlers every morning? What about going to expensive salons? Or maybe you just want to free up some more time in your routine, to do what you want to do?   Don't Stress the Ultimate Bundle Kit has got you covered. Features everything needed to give you that ultimate natural, lash-lifting, brow laminating look, for both amateurs and pro DIY'S. All-inclusive kit Caters to all eyelash/brow needs Lasts up to 1month per treatment  Organic eyelash serum Vegan Friendly Animal Cruelty Free 5-6 Full treatments (Lash + Brow) TRUE VALUE FOR MONEY Squeeze a month-long curl out of it and use it up to a half dozen times. The ultimate bundle kit features five different solutions for perming, a bunch of silicon pads, our very own lifting tools & brush heads/tips, and the irresistible glam-lash serum for ultra-luxe, thicker, and fluttery lashes. ALL-INCLUSIVE KIT Our Ultimate Bundle kit contains a complete collection of everything you will need to get started. The perfect recipe for longer, softer, thicker and naturally expressive lashes/brows you can be proud of. Includes: Glam Lash & Brow Enhancer Serum Soft bristle applicator brush Multiple applicator tools  Multiple brushes Lash/brow glue Perm lotion Fixation lotion Nutrition lotion Cleanser lotion Crown lift silicone pads Lifting tools (eyelashes) Under eye pads Cute reusable magnetic box Formulated Technology The Ultimate Bundle Kit is our premium kit that will give you a more healthy, natural look without any compromise. The glam lash will regrow thicker lashes, solutions will give you curls and a stronger hold to keep the curl in shape, while all other utilities will aid the process leading to dramatic eyelashes that'll solicit compliments.  Get the desired look you deserve! Save up to 25% more with a Product Plan. Glam Lash + Perm Kit