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Glam Lash Serum

How to use glam lash & how often?

1. Remove any makeup with an oil-free makeup remover or cleanser.

2. Apply Glam Lash at the bottom of your lashes/brows (one swipe) twice a day to achieve fastest results. A dip is enough for both lash lines.

3. If you want to apply more beauty products please wait until the serum has fully dried off.

4. Apply in the morning & at night (we personally use it after brushing our teeth) ~Same if your using it on eyebrows.

5.Once you use your first bottle or are happy with the desired length of your lashes/brows. You can slow down to using it 2-3 times per week to maintain it.

Recommend: We recommend to do a skin test of the product and wait 5-10 minutes before applying it. Also there's no point wasting your magic serum by applying more than one stroke to each upper eyelash - your results will be the same, so best to save it :)

How do i up-keep my eyelashes
Use Glam Lash twice a day morning and night until you are happy with the desired length. Consistency & patience is a must, it takes time for true magic to work. Once you have achieved your desired results you can use Glam Lash 2-3 per week to maintain your luscious lashes! Otherwise your eyelashes will go back to the original state they were.
Is glam lash permanent?
Unfortunately glam lash is not permanent, you will have to upkeep your eyelashs/brows 2-3 times per week after achieving your desire result.
Is have eyelash extensions, what do i do?
We get it, you love your eyelash extensions, no problem babe - we gotchu! Glam Lash will not only strengthen and help your lashes it will also prevent them from breakage's & or being pulled out. Our formula is designed to help your lashes in every way possible giving them the nutrients, vitamins & peptides they need to grow long and stay strong. Using it while having extensions in won't prevent it from working, it will also make your false lashes last longer!
What if i have sensitive skin what do i do?
Hooked On Glam always recommend doing a test patch on your skin before applying it on your eyelash, regardless on if you have sensitive skin or not. We use clean and organic ingredients for your safety, as it is our high priority.
What if i have contact lens what do i do?
Our product has not been tested on people that wear or sleep with contact lenses 24H. However if you really wish to use glam lash you can apply at night time only & only if you remove your contact lenses just as precautionary measures. We dont recommend you use glam lash while having contact lenses in.
What if i want to use other beauty products aswell?
Yes absolutely however if you want to apply more beauty products please wait until the serum has fully dried off. Wait 15 minutes and then it should be dry :)
What if i am breast feeding or pregnant?
Just like other beauty brands, we advise you check with you medical doctor before using glam lash. We have not committed to any trials on pregnant or breast feeding women as of yet.
How long till i see results?
You can typically see results as early as 1 week! But we recommend you keep using for 12 weeks morning and night. x
Is it harmful or dangerous?
No, not at all our eye serum is 100% natural ingredients, nothing dangerous or harmful will happen.
What happens if i stop using glam lash serum?
Your results will go back to how they were before you used our product. To maintain your lashes you must still use 2-3 times per week one you have reached your desired length.

Perm Kit

How long before we see results?
Results are instant! After using the perm kit you wont have to curl your lash's for 1month minimum - its a semi permanent solution. Perfect for women who want more me time & want to look fab all the time! If you used it on your brows they will stay shaped for around 1 month aswell !
What is eyebrow lamination?
Brow Lamination is designed to shape your brow hairs, resulting in full, lifted, and fluffy brows that you won't have to manage. In other words they stay like that until it wears off. So you can look your best at all times. They will just need a brush to set in place in the morning and your done in under 5 seconds!
How long to results last for?
Results will last up to 4-6 weeks. We recommend applying our glam lash serum to help strengthen & restore moisture back into them. For maintenance, your laminated brows will need to be styled every morning by brushing them to your desired shape. Then they will set in place.
Patch Test is a must!
Always perform a patch test for allergies 24 hours before use. For external use only. Remove contact lenses before use. Avoid contact with eyes and surrounding skin. If irritation occurs, stop use immediately and flush eyes with water. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. Keep product away from children and pets at all times. Store away from direct sunlight.
What if i am breast feeding or pregnant?
Unfortunately this product isn't for you. There is a risk of the chemicals sinking into the skin and potentially entering the bloodstream. Please wait until you have finished breast feeding/pregnancy. We always recommend you consult your doctor or health care professional.
How do i use your product?
We have made a video tutorial for you so it is nice and easy to follow. click here

Shipping & Handling

Tracking my order?
To track your order please use the tracking number giving to you when you purchased your item. You can then proceed to Australia Post website & put in your tracking details here:
When will my order arrive?
Please check with the Australia Post website for a more up to date outlook on delivery times.
I input the wrong information.
Please reach out to us at so we can assist you further. Include your name from checkout & your order number.
I want to change my shipping address.
Make sure you enter ‘Urgent: Change shipping address’ in the subject line and we will do our best to change your address. However, please keep in mind your order may already have been dispatched, so be as careful as possible to provide the correct information when placing your order.
How long until i receive my product?
All orders are processed within 2-3 Business Days. Shipping time frames may vary depending on your location.


Standard shipping within Australia takes between 5-7 business days.

Express shipping within Australia takes between 1-4 business days.


Please note some countries are experiencing shipping delays due to COVID19 and can take up to 4- 6 weeks with Australia Post.

All orders are sent via courier and are fully trackable.

International shipping takes between 10-30 Business Days.

Worldwide Shipping?
Yes, we ship worldwide!
How much is shipping?
All orders are processed within 2-3 Business Days. Shipping time frames may vary depending on your location.


Standard shipping (5-7 business days) is FREE over $70 for all orders Australian Wide.

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Standard shipping is a $15 flat rate for all International orders.lays due to COVID19 and can take up to 4- 8 weeks with Australia Post.

All orders are sent via courier and are fully trackable.

International shipping takes between 10-30 Business Days.


How do i purchase wholesale/ in bulk?
To order through wholesale, you must go to our B2B Page and fill out our form online or email us at:


How to use glam lash & how often?
HG Pty Ltd will only accept a return, exchange or refund if the products are returned in their original packaging and condition within 28 days of purchase; no refund will be made for products that have been opened, used or are returned damaged. If you have used our product and are unhappy about your results check our Growth Policy to see if you qualify for your 100% money back guarantee!

Growth Policy

Apply for my money-back after 3 months
If you don't get any results and are not happy with the performance of our glam lash we will give you your money back!

What we need from you:
♡ Time Stamped photo's from day 1.
♡ You will require photo's at the end of 1st month, 2nd month and at the end of 3rd month. (all time stamped.)
♡ Photo's MUST be clear and with zero makeup. So there is no cheating the system.
♡ Four Photo's in total. You then need to email us at: with the 4 photos attached and timestamped.
♡ Your application will be processed within 5 business days of submission.
♡ For the growth policy to be applicable you must also be within 4 month of receiving your product.

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