Bestie's Ultimate Bundle Kit

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$99.99 $249.99 -61% OFF
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Double the kit, double the fun!

Don't lets your friends envy you, be envied together with x2 Ultimate Bundle kits.

The fastest way to your natural look

The Ultimate Bundle Kit is our premium kit that will give you a more healthy, natural real look without any compromise.

The glam lash will regrow thicker longer lashes, solutions will give
you curls and a stronger hold to keep the curl/brows in shape, while all
other utilities will aid the process leading to dramatic natural
eyelashes/brows that will solicit compliments.

What makes it work?

Glam Lash
Formulated with breakthrough technology, HG Lash & Brow Serum is not your ordinary serum, our 2 in 1 formula will make your lashes &
brows healthier, stronger and will also activate your hair follicles to promote rapid growth. Making them grow faster & longer, thicker & fuller.

Perm Kit

Ensures your lashes and brows stay in shape all month round. We have carefully selected the ingredients to out perform the market - so that you can get that flawless look you deserve.

Shipping & handling

Hooked on glam products are handled at our warehouse and get sent the same day if not the following day depending what time you have ordered (aest). You can choose from either Express Shipping or Standard Shipping see the link below for ETA.

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Return policy

Your satisfaction is our guarantee. However, if you do need to return your product we have allowed 28 days since the date of purchase.

As everyone’s health and hygiene is our priority, the product(s) must be unused and remain in it's sealed packaging and resalable condition. The cost of returning the order will have to be covered by you as the customer. 


Get the best results for your lashes and brows

Ideal for people on-the-go, this lash lifting/brow laminating kit is the best on the market for upholding your perms over 1 month, keeping that natural look you desire, for longer, so you can focus on the things you love. Paired with one of the most effective, natural & organic eyelash & brow enhancing serum's on the market, truly make this the ultimate amateur or professional DIY package for achieving longer, fuller & stronger lashes/brows.

Apply the glam lash day & night everyday to achieve maximum results. Consistency is key!

How/when should i use glam lash

Apply the glam lash with one stoke above the upper eye lash & brows, using 1 dip for each.

We love to apply it after we brush our teeth as it is quick to use and sits right beside our tooth brush so we don't forget!

How/when i should use perm kit

Apply the perm treatment once a month to stay on top of your game.
We have created a tutorial for you, to help guide you through the steps of your DIY package here:

you do both eyelash lift and eyebrow lamination together you will get
between 5-7 treatments, however if you only do brow laminating or only
eyelash lifts you will get 10-14 treatments depending on what you choose
to do!!

Glam lash - list of ingredients

Sodium Hyaluronate, Grape Seed Extract, Bio-peptides, Tocopheryl-Vitamin e, Ginseng Root Extract, Walnut Oil, Parsley, Penta-Peptide, Mustard, Chamomile, Ginger, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3.

Perm kit - list of ingredients

#1 Perm

Thioglycolic acid, Ethanolamine, Polyquaternium-28, Glycerin.

#2 Fixation

Purified water, Cetearyl alcohol, Disodium phosphate, Dipotassium glycyrrhizate.

#3 Lash Coating

Glycerin, Sodium pca, Collagen, Water.

#4 Cleanser

Methylparaben, purified water.

Lash adhesive :

Polyacrylate, Emulsifying agent, Deionized water, Ammonium sulfate.

Designed for faster results

Glam lash serum is a dream come true for those of you with sparse lashes and the best thing about it is that the serum can also be used on your brows. It's formulated with multiple active ingredients to stimulate the growth of new hairs in just 2-3 weeks. Longer, thicker lashes that even your eyelashes will thank you for.
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Lash Lift, Check!

This professional DIY kit will get you those natural looking fluttery, bold lashes with little maintenance. A Lash Lift is a great alternative to lash extensions for those wanting a no fuss treatment that can last up to 8 weeks. Using flexible silicon pads your natural lashes are then carefully lifted along the lash line to achieve the ultimate length & perfect curl for girls on-the-go.

Brow Laminating, Check!

Perm kit is a dream come true for those of you craving that desirable look all around the clock. You don't have time to add more things to your everyday routine. Just set and forget, for flawless results giving you more time to do the things you want to do. Just a quick little brush for shape in the morning & your brows are done!


Our premium kit contains a complete collection of everything you will need to get started. The perfect recipe for longer looking, thicker and naturally expressive lashes/brows that you can be proud of.

Kit Includes:

♡ Glam Lash (growth serum)

♡ Soft bristle applicator brush

♡ Multiple applicator tools 

♡ Multiple brushes

♡ Lash/brow glue

♡ Perm lotion

♡ Fixation lotion

♡ Nutrition lotion

♡ Cleanser lotion

♡ Silicone pads

♡ Under eye pads

♡ Lifting tools (eyelashes)

♡ Cute reusable magnetic box


How to use perm kit.

Step 1:
Use the little bottle labelled cleanser (cleans any oil residue)

Step 2:
Take 1 black packet out of the box, tear to open the “white under eye pads” and stick these under the eye.

Step 3:
Open silicone box and see which silicon pad will be suitable for lash (if short lashes small silicone pad will be better as there are five different size silicon pads in the box labelled “silicone pads” )

Step 4:
Apply a little glue to silicone pad to help stick to upper lid

Step 5:
Applied glue to lash and then use the lifting tool in a box labelled “lifting tool” to help ‘brush’ the lashes over the silicone pad to desired look. (Ensure lashes are spread evenly) leaving for one minute.

Step 6:
Use the bottle labelled “perm lash”over the lash

Cover with a type of cling wrap or just leave it 5-8 minutes (perming time )

Step 7:
Use a bottle labelled “fixing lotion”over the lashes

Cover With a type of cling wrap or just leave it 5 to 8 minutes (perming time)

Step 8:
Remove the silicon pads from the upper lids.

Use the bottle “nutrition” to help hydrate strengthen and eyelash growth.

Step 9:
Use the bottle labelled “cleanser” to clean off any perm residue

When applying all the bottles there is brushes/ applicators in the clear plastic together.

What if i get it in my eye?

If the solution gets into your eyes or causes irritation, Immediately flush your eyes with cool water for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

How long until I start to see results?

Instantly after using the product! 🤩

How long will the kit last last?

The whole kit has 5-7 uses if using both brow and eyelash.(5-7Months worth)

How long do results last?

Results will last roughly 1 month per application.

Happy customers everyday!

Don't take our word for it

"i actually just love this product, such a great idea & OMG such cute packaging!!"

rachel c

"Highly recommend! Love my new lashes."


"Such a game changer! Can't believe its taken me this long to find! Had so many comments about my lases! <3"

kath l

"Amazing!! Love it. Thanks"

Linda h

"I can't live without this product now it has entered my life.. seriously, effective and quick to use in my rountine. Had to share my love. x"

whitney d

"Loving the perm! Never going to an expensive salon again. Thanks heaps."

nicole g

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