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The Ultimate Growth Bundle Kit
Our formulated technology is designed to professionally set your lashes or brows in 10 minutes.

Combined with our Glam Lash Growth Serum it will give you a more healthy, natural eyelash & brow 
without any compromise.

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in one month. .

Real Results

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What is your ultimate
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We have got the answers for all your eyelash needs, our products have been designed specifically to get results! We have put in the work & time, so you don't have too.
Grow My Lashes & Brows!
Formulated with breakthrough technology, HG Lash & Brow Serum is not your ordinary serum, our 2 in 1 formula will make your lashes & brows healthier, stronger and will also activate your hair follicles to promote rapid growth. Making them grow faster & longer, thicker & fuller. Just apply day & night when you brush your teeth, easy!

    ‚ô° Fast results, can start within just two-three weeks
    ‚ô° Volumizes, thickens and speeds up regrowth
    ‚ô° Safe to use with lash extensions/Contact Lens
    ‚ô° Easy application - less than 5 seconds
Curl My Lashes & Shape My Brows!
Our Perm Kit works to shape your brows & curl your lashes to perfection. Squeeze a month-long curl out of it and get up to 15 treatments per kit. It features five different solutions for perming, a bunch of silicon pads, our very own lifting tools & brush head/tips.
Ultimate Home Care Package
The Ultimate Bundle Kit features everything needed to give you that ultimate natural, lash-lifting/brow laminating look, for both amateurs and pro DIY'S. (Perm Kit + Glam Lash)

    ‚ô° All-inclusive kit
    ‚ô° Caters to all eyelash/brow needs
    ‚ô° Lasts up to 1month per treatment
    ‚ô° Organic eyelash serum (Glam Lash)  
    ‚ô° Animal Cruelty Free
    ‚ô° 15 total treatments
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