Glam Lash Serum

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$39.99 $64.99 -39% OFF
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Desire a more natural look?

Glam Lash is powered by 100% Natural ingredients that will get you your long, luscious lashes and brows to perfection, the natural way!

  • Safe, effective, and long lasting
  • Volumizes, thickens and speeds up regrowth
  • Safe to use with lash extensions
What makes it work?

Formulated with breakthrough technology, HG Lash & Brow Serum is not your ordinary serum, our 2 in 1 formula will make your lashes &
brows healthier, stronger and will also activate your hair follicles to
promote rapid growth. Making them grow faster & longer, thicker
& fuller.

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Bundle & save 61%

A new edition to your morning routine that will get you the lashes of your dreams, using little to no effort.

Apply day & night everyday to achieve maximum results. Consistency is key!

  • You can use on eyebrows + eyelashes
  • Start seeing fast results, within two-three weeks 
  • Cruelty free and suitable for vegans, Paraben & fragrance free
  • Nourishing vitamins and peptides
How/when should i use glam lash

Apply the glam lash with one stoke above the upper eye lash & brows, using 1 dip for each.

We love to apply it after we brush our teeth as it is quick to use and sits right beside our tooth brush so we don't forget!

Is it safe?

Yes of course! We use all natural & organic ingredients in our glam lash. No nasty chemicals, vegan friendly & if you don't get any results, you get your money-back guaranteed! No risk at all!

List of ingredients

Sodium Hyaluronate, Grape Seed Extract, Bio-peptides, Tocopheryl-Vitamin e, Ginseng Root Extract, Walnut Oil, Parsley, Penta-Peptide, Mustard, Chamomile, Ginger, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B3.

Designed for faster results

Glam lash serum is a dream come true for those of you with sparse lashes and the best thing about it is that the serum can also be used on your brows. It is formulated with multiple active ingredients to stimulate the growth of new hairs in just 2-3 weeks. Longer, thicker lashes that even your eyelashes will thank you for.
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3 Key Ingredients

In our powerful serum, we have harnessed the simulating effects of Sodium Hyaluronate, Grape Seed Extract and Bio-peptides which are our 3 key ingredients to speeding up your journey to lush, wispy lashes that will turn heads.

Sodium Hyaluronate

♡ Stimulates growth in hair follicles not currently producing lashes.

Grape Seed Extract

♡ Induce a cooling effect to prevent irritation and gives you that nice feeling when applying.


♡ Work at a cellular level to regrow, stimulate, and accelerate new lashes


1: Longest Lashes of your dreams

2: Cruelty Free & Organic

3: Real Results

4: Less than 5 seconds to apply

5: Simple, quick, no pain, stress free

6: Fast delivery to au

7: Paraben & fragrance free

8: Safe for lash extensions & contact lens's

9: Oil- free, clean feel on application

10: Vegan Friendly


How to use.

Swipe it along your upper lash lines using the pre-included applicator. 1 dip per eyelash is all you need to get the desired results. For brows, apply directly to the entire eyebrow and let it sit through the night. Over exceeding the serum wont speed up the process. Patience & consistancy is key in the lash game.(morning & night, everyday)

What is Glamour's set of eyelash extensions?

These are the set of thick eyelashes with well-defined density and darkness. Glam eyelash is for the special functions that attract a crowd towards you. They are strong enough to break the borders of beauty. Brides are always curious about putting on glamorous eyelash extensions to look more prominent. These are strong enough to cope the whole day than those of natural lashes or classic sets.

What is the difference between natural and glam lashes?

Your confidence depends on your looks, beauty, and your glamorous features. A woman wants to have her own style, her uniqueness, her individuality, and her own self. You should not go for other people’s, try to have your own looks. Your beauty should be personalized, choose the right options to enhance your beauty. So, What makes you look more astonishing and confident? Natural or glam lash? Let us have a look at both natural and glam lash to add the best choice to your beauty.

  • Natural lash

The natural look gives you a smooth, simple touch. If a woman doesn’t want to show up or wants to stay sold down can go for the natural lash. This basically means having low volume, simple and normal lash length, and smooth, gentle curves. It also needs some extensions than that of the glam lash.

Natural lash seems like you have put much more layers of mascara or looks like normal lashes. A woman with natural looks is not noticed moreover, her friends and family feel normal and casual. In simple words, nobody will give a glimpse of an eye.

  • Glam lash

If a woman wants herself to be noticed then glam lash would be the perfect option. Glam lash provides you with an ideal length, volume, and best curve. The woman who wants to be in the eyes of every person should go for glam lashes. Your perfect looks give you that much confidence, you can walk through a huge crowd with high eyes. Glam eyelash is amazing that enhance your beauty.

While if you want a glam look, your technician will attach the extension to your natural lashes in order to have more volume. Long lashes are the way to go to achieve good looks that looks like you have applied three to four mascara coats.

 Coming to the point, glam eyelash extension makes you unique in the crowd, you feel like a superstar, and look glamorous moreover, everyone has eyes on you. Now it’s your turn to go for glamour lash extensions to look like a model and astonishingly amazing.

Who can use the glamour set of eyelash extensions?

Women who want large, bulky eyes for their occasion or brides who want to have strong prominent eyes go for glam lashes. One who wants to leave an impact on the crowd can use these eyelashes. Whether you put these every day or on any occasion.

Can you swim while wearing eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can swim while wearing glam lash extensions. You can wake up, take a shower or go to the pool and you are wearing glam eyelash extensions. Nothing happens to the lashes after coming out of the pool just cleanse the lashes with fresh water. Don’t rub the lashes, they will last longer.

What are glam lashes made of?

Basically, Glam lashes are made up of next-generation faux mink fibers. These are soft and fluffy but no one has harmed the animals for this purpose. They give a noticeable and volumized look.

Do glam lashes come with glue?

Glam lashes provide a benefit in using lashes as they are pre-glued. There is no need of putting glue, instead, you have to just press the lashes. This is an easy and effortless process provided by glam lashes.

Are lash extensions fake hairs?

Lash extensions are basically real or synthetic hairs that are then attached to your normal lashes. This volumizes your lashes, your eyes look more prominent.

What are the three types of lashes?

Faux mink eyelashes

are synthetic lashes that provide a natural look. One who wants a natural look at a lower cost uses such lashes. An amazing advantage of these lashes is that the curls of these stay, even when they are wet. Faux mink lashes are perfect for your occasions and even though you can use them daily.

Mink lashes

are made up of real hair and give you a natural look. These are lightweight, simple, and thin lashes. These lashes last longer and also didn’t bend down your real lashes.

Sable eyelashes

are made up of the fur of sable, (it’s an animal found in the forest of Russia and Siberia). People who want thicker eyelashes go for sable lashes.

How long do glam lashes last?

They complete a natural lash cycle, when natural lashes fall off these extensions also do. Glam lashes can last up to six to eight weeks but it requires to refill after two to four weeks.

What if i have got lash extensions on?

We get it, you love your eyelash extensions no problem babe - we gotchu. Glam lash will not only strengthen and help your lashes, it will also prevent them from breakage's & or being pulled out. Our formula is designed to help your lashes in everyway possible giving them nutrients, vitamins & peptides they need to grow long and stay strong. Using them while having extensions in won't prevent it from working, it will also make your false lashes last longer!

What if i want to use other beauty products?

Yes absolutely you can! However if you want to apply more beauty products, please wait until the serum has fully dried off. Wait 15 minutes and then it should be dry.

What if i have contact lenses?

Contact lenses should be removed prior to application of HG Glam Lash and may be reinserted 15 mins after all the steps are completed, the serum should be dry by then.

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